About OneMedNet

Founded in 2009, OneMedNet set forth on a corporate journey to create safer and more intelligent care solutions for patients, providers and hospitals. The company has been solely focused on creating innovative solutions that enable healthcare providers to gain increased value from medical imaging data. It’s our mission to:

  • Provide easy, quick and secure access to health data
  • Eliminate traditional information silos to improve care quality
  • Lower healthcare costs by improving outcomes and reducing waste

OneMedNet is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota with development offices in Vancouver, British Columbia. Originally founded by a radiologist, the company is dedicated to doing things “the right way”, which has resulted in exceptional customer satisfaction scores. Importantly, a majority of OneMedNet’s solutions are distributed by industry market segment leaders.

OneMedNet is committed to strictly adhering to the highest level of professional and ethical standards and applicable regulations throughout all of our interactions and activities.  Read our Privacy, Security & Ethical Policy here.