OneMedNet is accelerating the path to bona fide Precision Medicine by uniquely fulfilling the promise of Real World Data (RWD).   We provide extremely high-quality, insight rich data to Life Science organizations for immediate use in Discovery, Development, Regulatory Approval, and Post-Market Surveillance. We enable Healthcare Providers to realize the considerable value and benefits derived from their clinical data assets - with a clinical imaging emphasis.  We improve the representation of population diversification in novel healthcare diagnostic and treatment solutions.

We’re Innovators

Challenges in data sourcing, indexing, and curation have historically limited the widespread utilization of image centric RWD for scientific research, clinical studies, and product validation/verification.  Life Sciences require highly specific, regulatory-grade data that precisely meet rigorous requirements – and that data simply wasn’t accessible.  OneMedNet opened the door to accessibility by combining state-of-the-art technology innovation with clinical process innovation.

We’re Devotees

Passion in our mission and passion in our execution fuels both efforts and accomplishments.  We meet the most demanding RWD Life Science requirements when others cannot.  However, we understand there’s no “good enough” with real world data usage and dependencies.  Preciseness leads to efficiency and effectiveness which lead to lower healthcare costs and improved outcomes.

We’re Experts

There’s a reason OneMedNet is the leader in an uncrowded field of regulatory-grade imaging RWD curators.  Doing so requires specialized expertise in AI/ML technology, data privacy/security, as well as expertise in clinical patient condition(s) and healthcare record keeping.  Attaining expertise in all essential elements is quite a challenge and we take pride in this ambitious achievement – while continually working to maintain state-of-the-art expertise.