Seattle, WA (September 29, 2013) – OneMedNet Corporation is the provider of BEAM™, an industry-leading network for rapid, HIPAA compliant sharing of medical images.

The BEAM network is a simple, secure way to provide medical image sharing utilizing encryption over the Internet without a VPN connection. Most well-known for its patented peer-to-peer transfer technology BEAM is the ideal image sharing solution for trauma and critical care centers, where quick, efficient and reliable study transfers are needed. BEAM is an effective and increasingly popular alternative to CDs and singular point-to-point VPNs.

The newest release of BEAM significantly expands network accessibility, deployment options and workflow automation. BEAM version 4.2 enhances accessibility to sharing images through the simple use of email invitations. Users of BEAM are now able to request or share studies with any invited guest including outside hospitals, physicians or patients.

Designed with data access controls for participating sites, BEAM 4.2 now offers enhanced workflow with automation for data reconciliation and transfer approval.

BEAM streamlines medical image sharing and eliminates the hassle of CD distribution that can cause delays in patient care and create unnecessary expense. With P2P study exchange, BEAM is the most direct and reliable way to share medical files between providers. Whether urgently transferring images for a critically injured trauma patient or a non-urgent referral to a specialist, BEAM makes medical image sharing simple, fast and secure.