SDMI Advances Clinical Research and Offsets Rising Cost

Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging Centers (SDMI) has been a OneMedNet partner for 10+ years. They were an early adopter of OneMedNet’s original BEAM Medical Image Exchange solution and continue benefiting today. This unceasing satisfaction was one of the drivers for imaging Real World Data (iRWD) partnership consideration.

“We have been extremely happy the accessibility and involvement of OneMedNet’s leadership. We feel very confident with OneMedNet and have never had any issues with our relationship or technology solutions.”
– Angeline Cosca, SDMI Chief Information Officer

SDMI has been providing excellent patient care for 34 years across 10 clinical locations (presently) in and around Las Vegas and further expansion is planned. Approximately, 400,000 clinical studies are managed annually by 550 employees. Providing the best care and service to their local patient population is a never-ending goal as superior technologies are adopted and continuing education of staff is mission critical.

It is this commitment to both their local patients and overall patient care advancement that furthered SDMI’s interest in OneMedNet iRWD. They wanted their local patients to be anonymously represented in Life Science research. The obvious benefit of inclusion is that these healthcare product innovations are then evaluated, tested, and submitted for regulatory approval using local population data.

Ms. Cosca stated, “We are locally owned and very committed to our local community. This was a way to not only benefi t our patients and community, but also to help a much larger population by improving medical device functionality, pharmaceuticals, and AI algorithms through more diverse and extensive clinical research.”


SDMI was able to actualize existing imaging data with near zero strain to their internal systems, personnel, and processes. Importantly, their IT operational resources (human and financial) have not been burdened at any time during the ongoing partnership.

“We let OneMedNet know upfront that we had no resources to allocate to the RWD endeavor. True to their word, everything was pre-configured upon arrival. Their staff was very knowledgeable, and our team was very happy this was basically a hands-off project,” commented Ms. Cosca.

In addition to local patient research inclusion, SDMI generates ongoing licensing income from the de-identified data that is shared specifically for approved Life Science research efforts. This income funds further investment into SDMI’s world-class patient services and is a valuable benefit to the partnership according to Ms. Cosca.

“We have 34 years’ worth of clinical studies that sit idle for the most part. We wanted to find a way to take advantage of those untapped data insights. We are helping new life science innovation, as well as our local patient population. It’s a win-win.”


Life Science innovators require very specific, high-quality data that precisely meet rigorous requirements for both critical clinical research and stringently reviewed regulatory submissions. In short, there are three essential aspects to meeting these stringent standards and achieving “Regulatory-Grade” level.

CONFORMANCE requires that data meets appropriate standards and formatting.

TRACEABILITY is a necessity for ensuring data integrity, authenticity, and quality control auditing.

RELEVANCE ensures that data represents exact cohort specifications, including population diversity.


There’s a reason OneMedNet is the leader in an uncrowded field of regulatory-grade imaging RWD curators. Doing so requires specialized expertise in AI/ML technology, data privacy/security, as well as expertise in clinical patient condition(s) and healthcare record keeping. Having, or achieving, expertise in all essential disciplines is a challenging achievement.

OneMedNet had a significant head start with our clinical image exchange solution which served to launch the
company nearly a decade ago. All data remains “native” within the federated OneMedNet iRWD provider network – meaning all the data remains locally onsite until specific de-identified data is licensed for a particular Life Science
research opportunity.

Finally, OneMedNet has the most experienced and clinically trained data curators in the industry. This team appreciates the complexity and criticality of clinical data and can effectively communicate with both Provider and Life Science specialists.


Approximately 50 different Life Science projects have benefited from de-identified SDMI imaging data. The impact of sharing 4000 curated studies is immeasurable in terms of patient care advancement - which might otherwise have taken years longer and innumerable dollars more if it were not for imaging RWD utilization.


The SDMI partnership is a fitting representation of OneMedNet’s many healthcare provider relationships.

  1. Providers gain local patient representation in critical clinical research which might otherwise be unattainable.
  2. Achieving local representation and increased data diversity translates to improved patient care on both a local and a global level.
  3. Gaining incremental licensing income that can be applied to a healthcare providers’ specific investment priorities makes the partnership a very pragmatic decision.
“We have multiple data usage relationships; however, I would put OneMedNet at the top and recommend them 100%.”
– Angeline Cosca, SDMI Chief Information Officer