Life Sciences

 With OneMedNet iRWD you get the data you need
–when and how you need it.

There is no question as to the advantages and impact Real World Data is making in Life Science innovation.  Time to market is accelerated, and costs are reduced (development, validation, regulatory approval).  Moreover, safety and effectiveness are enhanced through diversification expansion.

The FDA recognizes these advantages and strongly encourages the use of RWD to equitably improve outcomes and safety.  Life Science innovators see the opportunities and are strategically resourcing “Real World Data” departments.

The biggest question remaining is “Where can Life Sciences get the exact data that they need?”

OneMedNet fulfills the promise and expectations of regulatory-grade imaging Real World Data. Our de-identified imaging data is high-quality, highly curated, and customizable in delivery. Our team possesses the clinical expertise to understand subtle request distinctions which yield highly efficient and productive results. We curate the data to your specific requests and formats.

Importantly, OneMedNet not only provides images, but in many cases, complete patient jackets as well. Our partner network of hospital systems, hospitals, clinics, & healthcare providers can be tapped at any time to further studies through ongoing proactive imaging monitoring or retroactive patient information mining. In short, we work with native provider data which enables a near encyclopedic volume of data access – for both initial and follow-up studies.

Imaging AI – Reduce Time to Market

OneMedNet iRWD has repeatedly reduced timelines in AI algorithm development and validation.  Imaging data is only as good as its structure, categorization, and specificity.  With OneMedNet, you only get the data you need because we curate it to your precise requirements and data format – no matter the detail required.  We provide regulatory-grade data that stands up to the most stringent examination and diversity demands.  

Clinical Research – Optimize, Accelerate, & Diversify Clinical Studies

Advances in data sciences now enable the use of RWD to complement, reduce, and in some cases, replace clinical trials.   OneMedNet provides insight rich data which meet the most demanding requirements for advanced analysis and regulatory submission – requirements that are analogous to prospective clinical trials.  

This de-identified image-centric data is used in Discovery, Development, Regulatory Approval, and Post-Market Surveillance.  OneMedNet iRWD enables the enrollment of the most under-served populations into clinical research which is a significant benefit to all. 

Clinical research organizations feel inspired to explore new clinical studies and R&D investment knowing the cost to do so is substantially less without sacrificing quality.  De-identified imaging data is the future of accelerated healthcare research and development.

Medical Devices

OneMedNet has partnerships with billion-dollar global Device companies as well as early-stage innovators. In all cases, our Device partners require very specific image centric RWD, often with multi-layer stratification. Sourcing and curating data to this level of specificity is very challenging. However, OneMedNet has the knowledge, tools, and experience to:

  • Access and harmonize complete patient profiles across fragmented data silos
  • Provide unmatched data accuracy and completeness
  • Ensure the security and privacy of patients’ Protected Health Information (PHI)

We strictly adhere to the highest level of professional and ethical standards and applicable regulations throughout all our interactions and activities.


Clinical studies are expensive, time consuming, and are often challenged with patient recruitment and effective participation. OneMedNet enables our data users to improve the outcomes of clinical studies and product development in speed and quality, while minimizing complexity and reducing costs.

This de-identified image-centric data is used in Discovery, Development, Regulatory Approval, and Post-Market Surveillance. OneMedNet iRWD enables the enrollment and participation of the most under-served populations into clinical research which is a significant benefit to all.

Imaging Real World Data holds the promise to bring the benefits of both Imaging as proof of effectiveness, and Real-World Data’s delivery of safer solutions that are less expensive and faster to market.