Image Access with Confidence




Flexibility Appreciated by All

Providers can leverage the speed and simplicity of BEAM Point-to-Point (P2P) technology for high volume situations.  While the same provider can also utilize BEAM Cloud technology for less frequent image sharing needs.  Both providers and patients benefit from BEAM’s flexible and uncompromising design!

Mobile Enabled Viewing

  • View medical images, reports & other patient data from any location
  • Server-side rendering leaves no PHI on mobile devices
  • Zero Footprint Viewer provides clinicians with measurement, historical timelines, hanging protocols and other tools

Patient Access to Medical Data Helps Patients

Research shows that when patients are provided with access to their medical records, they become more engaged in their treatment and experience better care outcomes.

  • Empower patient care by providing access to medical images & reports
  • Enable patients to take medical images anywhere with BEAM’s Cloud
  • Image enable existing patient portals with BEAM’s API
  • Reduce wasted staff time and cost related to burning patient files
  • Create patient affinity in competitive markets

Unmatched Security for Peace of Mind

BEAM offers industry-leading data security for both today and tomorrow.

Same Convenience,
More Secure

Our Medical Image Exchange solution was
designed with security as priority #1

When a patient’s confidential records are shared or uploaded to our BEAM’s Cloud, they are only available for a convenient window of time before being purged from the OneMedNet servers. If the patient images are ever needed after being purged, a cloud user can easily request the image producer to re-send the study.
BEAM’s Cloud design allows convenient access to sensitive data for physicians and patients without creating the security risk of permanent image duplication in a 3rd party location.

Full Data

VPN quality security with
consent management

The BEAM Medical Image Exchange architecture allows customers to eliminate VPN overhead and maintain full control of imaging data, yet still enable full-fidelity image transfers between organizations. Image sharing workflows empower organizations to authorize, request, and track image transfers – an image is never sent to a remote location unless it has been approved by both the sender and receiver.
Once image sharing is authorized, the exchange between organizations is seamless. Our distributed network automatically resume transfers if an interruption, such as network failure, ever occurs. All transfers are checked for integrity upon completion to ensure the full-fidelity DICOM studies are ready for viewing.

Security Layers

256-bit AES encrypted payloads over TSL

BEAM implements security principles outlined in the NIST Security Framework for Healthcare. Security features include:

  • 256-bit AES payload encryption for transfer
  • Temporal TSL connections that leverage dynamic keys
  • IP range restrictions
  • LDAP and active directory integration
  • Auto-logout
  • Dual party authorization for PHI transfer initiation

Efficiency in Design and Operation

Whether requesting or transferring an image, the process must be straightforward and streamlined on both ends. Also, the solution must be extremely robust and eliminate potential downtime. Importantly, BEAM is not reliant on poorly performing VPNs.

Images can be sent (and received) in seconds, no matter the location or the device. Whereas some products offer time savings with CD import, BEAM actually delivers significant and measurable workflow time savings.

Fast Deployments
BEAM Image Exchange is a light-weight solution, designed for quick implementations. Image sharing doesn’t need to be complicated.

No Java or ActiveX
BEAM never requires 3rd party plug-ins such as Java, Flash, or ActiveX. Our Image Exchange product runs in any web browser, that includes Apple, Android and Microsoft mobile devices and tablets!

Enterprise Ready
BEAM is already integrated with a growing number of 3rd party products. Add BEAM’s RESTful API for custom workflows, our LDAP, Active Directory, DICOM, DICOM Worklist, and HL7 connectors, and you have a powerful image exchange solution for your hospitals, clinics and imaging centers.

Reduce Costs with BEAM CD Import

  • Import medical images from any enterprise computer – No PACS workstations needed
  • BEAM’s Cloud enables patients & providers to import CD images from anywhere
  • The BEAM API allows for launching custom CD import workflows from PACS, EHRs, portals and many other systems
  • Patient identity reconciliation tools
  • Accession management tools
  • BEAM supports role-based access

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