Healthcare providers can now achieve significant revenue generation from their existing clinical image archive(s)

OneMedNet Corporation is launching its Data Broker version 1.0.0 at the 2019 annual Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) meeting. Already in practical use, the Data Broker solution enables clinical image archives to be quickly indexed, searched, and curated for specific de-identified patient populations. Approximately, 50 million clinical images have already been curated and available for search.

“Artificial intelligence and machine learning entities find it extremely challenging to obtain adequate volume and specificity of clinical images to validate and refine their algorithms,” according to Chris Hanna, PhD, OneMedNet President and CEO. “Additionally, pharmaceutical companies and CROs are under tremendous pressure, and scrutiny, to provide Real World Evidence (RWE) to support their efforts. We make it easy for the data seller and buyer to achieve their respective goals.”Rollout to our installed base has begun.

It is estimated that less than 10% of healthcare providers have begun selling de-identified patient data, however, that number is expected to increase dramatically over the next five years.

OneMedNet Corporation provides innovative solutions that unlock the significant value contained within the clinical image archives of healthcare providers. The company’s initial flagship product, BEAM®, facilitates the secure and rapid exchange of images to improve patient care. Leveraging this expertise, OneMedNet has expanded its focus to include an innovative combination of product and services which allow healthcare providers to realize significant revenue by tapping into their existing clinical image archive(s). For more information, visit, SIIM booth #517Twitter, or call 800-918-7189.

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