Healthcare Providers

Why do healthcare providers care about imaging Real World Data?

Everyone benefits from RWD’s judicious utilization – Providers, Patients, Life Science Innovators 

Providers can advance healthcare by sharing de-identified LOCAL POPULATION imaging data with external researchers through a OneMedNet partnership. Pharmaceutical companies, Imaging AI developers, Device organizations, Clinical Research Organizations, and Core Labs overcome the long-standing challenges to find the volume and specificity of imaging RWD to fulfill their respective needs.

The FDA gains critical patient data diversity in clinical participant demographics and associated regulatory submissions. They have been encouraging, and often requiring the use of broader real-world data use to support clinical trials and studies. Without diversity in patient data, conclusions can lead to greater healthcare inequities or distortion through bias.

Ultimately, patient lives are improved by way of novel healthcare solutions that are safer, lower cost, more effective, and available sooner using high-quality imaging RWD. We all move one step closer to Precision Medicine!

OneMedNet has a growing network of providers (100+) that share this understanding. We hope you will consider joining them as well.

  • Optimize, accelerate, and diversify clinical studies using de-identified imaging data
  • Maximize the value of your significant data asset(s) and generate new revenue streams for project funding

Hospitals & Healthcare Systems

OneMedNet iRWD™ offers a path for partners to actualize existing imaging data with near zero strain to internal systems, personnel, and processes. Clinical study involvement is now possible without burden to internal IT operations. Local source patient representation in research, development, and validation is now easily achieved, thereby increasing much needed diversification throughout the Life Science innovation process. This by itself is a huge step forward for healthcare.

However, Partners can also generate revenue through this process by securely releasing imaging data that specifically meets Life Science protocols, while importantly, safe-guarding PHI. This effective asset management optimization opens the door to funding much needed projects that would otherwise be put on hold or dismissed.

Imaging Centers

Simply put, Imaging Centers have a lot of data. Life Science companies need this data to bring new innovations to market in a faster and more effective manner. OneMedNet helps Imaging Centers obtain value from this data by transforming it into a form that is de-identified, yet extremely useful to Life Sciences. This enables a nonintrusive revenue stream that bolsters the sustainability and growth of the center(s). 

Key considerations include:

  1. Little to no involvement is required by Imaging Center IT personnel
  2. OneMedNet has been in the business of clinical image management and sharing for 10+ years with the highest level of professional integrity, ethics, and procedural compliance.
  3. Licensing of de-identified data provides a new and recurrent revenue stream

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