ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In support of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, OneMedNet Corporation is launching the BEAM™ Women’s Health Image Exchange service. This low-cost service enables breast imaging centers and radiology departments to quickly transfer a patient’s mammograms to another care provider for comparison, consultation, or treatment and eliminate delays associated with conventional delivery methods.

“Today’s women lead mobile lifestyles. When it comes to their health, an increasing percentage of women seek diagnostic and treatment services at more than one healthcare facility. Routine mammograms are often performed at different radiology facilities from year to year. The ability to compare prior exams with a current one is important for an accurate diagnosis. Many radiologists will not interpret a mammogram without priors,” said Bing Teng, President and CEO.

“Obtaining prior exams from other imaging providers may take up to two weeks. Such delays prevent timely interpretation of exams, cause unnecessary anxiety to women waiting for their results, and frustrate their physicians. The BEAM Women’s Health Image Exchange provides a simple, secure way for facilities with a PACS (a digital imaging archive) to exchange mammography exams electronically while meeting HIPAA privacy and security guidelines,” he added.

Rather than taking days, the exam transfer takes place in a matter of minutes. With a simple approval from each facility, BEAM manages the entire secure transfer of requested exams in the background. Upon arrival, received exams are combined with a patient’s existing exams in the facility’s image archive. The cost of this service is typically much less than what facilities spend to burn and mail requested exams on a CD.

OneMedNet has created the BEAM Women’s Health Image Exchange to make its fast and affordable service available to low-volume, occasional users as well as high volume users. The company is offering a free trial of its subscription service to any imaging center, women’s health clinic, or radiology department that performs mammograms, as well as to referring physicians and medical specialists who need access to exams.

About OneMedNet

OneMedNet Corporation is a service provider offering BEAM™, an industry-leading technology for the secure sharing of medical imaging information. OneMedNet has been providing medical image sharing anywhere around the world over the Internet since 2010. The unique peer-to-peer transfer technology of BEAM does not use a virtual private network (VPN) or cloud storage. It is most commonly used to exchange images between hospitals and institutional providers for trauma transfers, patient referrals, prior exam comparisons, and consultations with specialists.

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